PSLdrive Lesson Plan Diagrams

Your Driving Lessons with PSLdrive School of Motoring, Cardiff

If you are looking for a top class driving school and driving instructor in Cardiff, you will be presented with an array of different driving schools, each of which will be offering its own particular style of instruction, lesson prices and tuition plans. At PSLdrive School of Motoring we pride ourselves on the tried-and-tested training methods we use which help the complete novice driver to understand and absorb important information whilst at the same time ensuring that each driving lesson is an enjoyable and fun experience; constantly learning and improving key skills throughout the course material in a relaxed, positive and supportive environment.

Driving Lessons & Driving Courses We Offer in Cardiff:

SatNav driving lessons
Beginner & Refresher

tiny tick.png  Absolute Beginner Driving Lessons

tiny tick.png Refresher & Confidence Building Driving Lessons

Motorway and Refresher Lessons
Advanced & Motorway

tiny tick.png  Advanced Driving Lessons

tiny tick.png  Motorway Lessons 


Car Park Lessons
Car Park & City Lessons

tiny tick.png  Car Parks - Multi-Storey

tiny tick.png  City Ce​​​​​​​ntre Lessons

Mock Tests
Mock Tests & ADI Training

tiny tick.png  Mock Practical Driving Tests for other Driving Schools

tiny tick.png  ADI Part 1, 2 & 3 Training

What You Can Expect From Learning to Drive with PSLdrive School, Cardiff:

One to One training

Expert One-to-One Tuition

  • One-to-One tuition - no time wasted dropping off the previous pupil during your lesson; every minute of will be spent on developing your ability to drive, not taxing the previous learner home before you even start your lesson
  • No Re-Fueling - the learner driver car will always be fuelled to maximise the time you have during your driving lesson; that is, of course, unless you wish to learn how to fuel a car at the pumps
  • Full Time Lessons - a guarantee that all lessons booked will be for the full duration of the lesson
Lesson Material

Your Own Learner Driver Instruction Manual

  • Each pupil will receive a fully-illustrated Learner Driver Instruction Manual which will build lesson-by-lesson into an invaluable 40-page resource and revision aid
  • Each meticulously planned lesson features clear step-by-step instructions for all manoeuvres with clear start and end goals
  • The manual can be used for private practice and for re-capping on skills learned before the next driving lesson
  • Includes great advice and 'hints-&-tips' on passing your Driving Theory Test
  • Includes important car safety checks which may proved to be invaluable in the future
Mock Tests

Practical Mock Driving Test

  • This will be carried out around 4-weeks before your Practical Driving Test
  • The Mock Driving Test will be conducted in exactly the same manner, and under similar conditions, as an Official DVSA Practical Driving Test 
  • Marking of the Mock Driving Test will mirror as closely as possible the format of the official driving test marking scheme ensuring the test is as 'true-to-life' as possible
  • In order to simulate true Driving Test conditions, the Mock Driving Test will be undertaken with a different driving instructor who you will not have met before the test
  • This is an invaluable exercise which will hightlight any potential areas for improvement which can be addressed prior to the Official DVSA Practical Driving Test taking place
Theory Training - Highway Code

Driving Theory Mock Test, Training & Advice

  • We cannot recommend strongly enough that you buy and thoroughly read The Highway Code or ensure you read it online several times
  • Using an App on your smartphone, tablet or iPad is a great way to learn; whenever you have some spare time just fire up the App and learn as much as you can whenever you have the opportunity
  • Other invaluable resources we recommend you use when learning to drive are Theory Test Success Apps; you can download a great trial one for FREE here!
  • There are also a large number of Theory Test websites around where you can take practice Theory Tests online to test your driving theory knowledge and sharpen up your game
  • We will also provide you with lots of hints and tips on how best to learn for your driving theory exam